Aerial Acrobatics

Do you feel like moving in the air apparently without gravity? Are you interested in a new body experience and do you enjoy moving?
Then come and visit us!
Vertical cloth, hammock, trapeze, ring (aerial hoop) or rope – what suits you best?

Besides strength, mobility, coordination, and orientation in space, you also work on choreography and expression – aerial acrobatics is a versatile training and offers everyone the opportunity to work on themselves and get ahead – regardless of age and ability!

Cornelia Clivio is a professional acrobat since 1991.
With the stage shows Stage TV and coloro as well as with the Duo Scacciapensieri she has performed shows all over the world and now she would like to pass on her versatile knowledge.
Since 2012 she has been teaching aerial acrobatics at the circus school Am Bach and the ASVZ (Uni/ETH Zurich).

Lessons:We: 7.00-8.15 PM

Location: Am Bach 2, 8305 Dietlikon, Zurich

Cost: Fr. 30.– per lesson for a 5-lessons subscription / Fr. 35.– for single lessons

Discount of 15% for students, 20% for teenagers

Registration: Add your dates to the calender here!

Information and registration

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