AGB children courses

  • Registration by e-mail is for one quarter and is binding. Payment is due within 30 days from the start of the course.
  • Cancellation is only possible up to two weeks before the beginning of the quarter. There is no right to a refund for unattended lessons.
  • In case of cancellation due to illness (doctor’s certificate), the course fee for the new quarter can be credited.
  • Participants or their parents are liable for accidents and damage to property. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.
  • No liability is accepted for cloakrooms. Valuables can be taken into the course room.
  • The course instructors assume that the participants are healthy. Any physical complaints must be reported to the course leaders before the lesson.
  • If the course leaders are absent due to appearance or illness, they will provide adequate replacements.
  • Clothing: Barefoot is not allowed for hygienic reasons. For safety reasons, jewellery must be taken off and long hair tied up. A T-shirt or body with sleeves and long leggings are required for cloth and trapeze lessons.
  • Photos: During the lessons or the performances photos of the children are sometimes taken. We use them for the picture gallery on our website or for example for a publication in the Kurier. We presuppose the consent for this. Otherwise we ask for a written notification if this is generally not desired.