Children Acrobatics

All children are the same when it comes to enjoying movement. This means they’re fascinated with acrobatics and being in the circus conjures a sparkle to their eyes. A major advantage of artistry, is the possibility for every child to discover its abilities and talents that would have remained in the hidden in normal physical education. In addition to the body-related requirements, other capabilities are important like skillfulness, balance, self-confidence and more.
In our courses all kids are welcome, which invest themselves with pleasure and commitment. We offer no play time, but rather high quality lessons, in which the kids are individually encouraged and challenged. They can demonstrate their progress at the annual shows in the arena.

Our children and young people come from Dietlikon, Wallisellen, Dübendorf, Brüttisellen, Bassersdorf, Baltenswil, Uster, Nürensdorf, Bülach, Volketswil, Pfaffhausen, Brütten and Zurich. We are happy to help with carpools.

We teach following disciplines:
(Partner) acrobatics, handstand, headstand, sphere, ladder, vertical cloth, trapeze, aerial hoop, hammock, juggling, rola rola, slacklining, rodeoline, pyramids a.m.

In addition to the lessons we offer at the “Loft am Bach” we have taught children at the following places:
Kinderzirkus Marotte Adliswil, Kinderzirkus Robinson Zürich, Jugendtheater Metzenthin Züich, Jugendzirkus Arabas Bremgarten, Jugendzirkus Otelli Otelfingen, Move it Suhr, Schule Dietlikon, Sportamt Zürich a.m.m.

Report in the paper “Kurier” on the show of the kids in the filacro-tent in Uster 2015

Report in the paper “Kurier” on the show of the kids in the filacro-tent in Uster 2014

Course cost: Fr. 18.- per lesson (60 min) in the semester course
Location: Am Bach 2, 8305 Dietlikon, Zurich

Important: New schedules after the summer break!

Acrobatics (headstand and handstand, floor and partner acrobatics):
Monday,      5.30-6.30 PM / Airtrack/ Age: 12+
Tuesday,      4.30-5.30 PM/ Age 8+
Tuesday,      5.30-6.30 PM/ Age: 10+
Wednesday, 4:30-5:30 PM/ Age  7+
Wednesday, 5:30-6:30 PM/ Age: 7+
Thursday,     4:30-5:30 PM/ Age: 8+
Thursday,     5.30-6.30 PM / Age: 9+

Circus (trapeze, cloth, unicycle, sphere, rola rola, juggling):
Tuesday, 6.30-7.30 PM / Age: 10+

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